Tintagel Castle, North Cornwall

Tintagel, with it’s mystical castle, is a short drive from Boskenna and Seagull Barn

Tintagel Castle (English Heritage) is a place full of history, myth and legend, the ruins of Tintagel Castle dominate the cliffs of the rugged north Cornish coast. An inspiration to many for centuries, Tintagel Castle is almost synonymous with King Arthur – who was said to have been conceived (and even born) here. Discover the history of the castle and the site itself, along with all those who settled here over the years.

The Castle – at the lower end of Tintagel is a steep track that passes down through the Vale of Avalon to the legendary site that is known world wide as King Arthur’s Castle and at the castles very roots Merlin’s Cave awaits. The church of St Materiana out on the headland is but a stones throw from the castle and from this point you get a magnificent view of the coast

Castle Cove – the beach at the foot of Castle Island is called Castle Cove. It is a very sheltered cove. The beach is mainly shingle, there are several caves to be explored when the tide is low. Merlins Cave is located on this beach – look carefully to see a recent carving of His face to the left of the cave entrance.