Cornwall Holiday Property Management

Cornish Seaview Cottages Property Management Service

Cornish Seaview Cottages is a small, friendly company which is committed to offering our guests and owners an outstanding personal service. We are an approachable, efficient and reliable team, and believe that the enjoyment we get from our job is reflected in our dealings with guests and owners alike.

Our Services

We are keen to take on the management of selected additional properties, and as a result, have two levels of service that we offer owners:

Full Management Service for a highly competitive charge of 17% commission on rental income.

This offers a worry-free service which covers all marketing, bookings, selection and employment of caretakers and gardeners and organising work for repairs and maintenance.

Part Management Service for a highly competitive charge of 14% commission on rental income.

This service is ideal for owners who want to employ their own cleaner and gardener, and like to deal with the repairs and maintenance themselves. We market your property and organise all your bookings while liaising with your caretaker.

Effective Marketing

We spend considerable resources on ensuring that we perform well on Google. We achieve this by using an internet optimisation company who endeavour to ensure that our company is on Page 1 of Google if any one of a number of search phrases is used by customers. In addition, we link with other companies to raise our profile on the internet and to get noticed by Google.
We advertise on a number of different websites to attract a variety of customers from walkers to surfers or those with children.

In the current price-sensitive market, we analyse the bookings levels of our properties on a weekly basis and decide what type of offers should be made.

Our website has a facility that enables customers to book online 24 hours a day seven days a week.
We have a database where, once we have gained the customers’ approval, we gather information on anyone who contacts us, either through our website or via one of the several other websites that we advertise on. We can then send e-mails to large numbers of previous or potential customers with details of special offers or late availability.


Why Choose Us?

High level of bookings

After we have managed a property for 2 years, we achieve an impressive 25 plus bookings per year on average. Our most popular properties achieve over 30 bookings per year.

These high levels of bookings are achieved by having a large number of repeat bookings not just to the same property, but from customers choosing other properties from within our portfolio.

In this tough economic climate, it is impressive that we retain a loyal customer base and this is due to the professional, friendly service of our office staff.

High standard of Customer Care

We are a small office with very low staff turnover, and we pride ourselves on delivering a professional service and a personal approach. Customers consistently rate our service as ‘Excellent’ on feedback forms.

Customer satisfaction

Our Expertise

Valuable Experience

We have 15 years experience in managing holiday properties. Over the years we have gradually grown the company to managing 35 carefully selected properties. Our staff visit every property on an annual basis, and this means that they are able to sell each property to customers from personal knowledge and experience.

If you would like to find out more about how Cornish Seaview Cottages can manage your holiday lettings, please contact us on 01428 723819 for an informal, no-commitment chat.

Alternatively, e-mail us on

We look forward to hearing from you.

Tim Abbott (Owner)