Our Favourite Christmas Hamper Treats from Cornwall!

In honour of Cornwall’s wonderful array of local delicacies and artisan products, we decided to put together a list of our favourite Cornish treats and create a Cornish Seaview Cottages Christmas Hamper selection!

This may inspire you to send a little piece of Cornwall to someone special this Christmas…

 The No. 1 spot must go to the revered Cornish Pasty. It’s hard to beat the traditional steak pasty, but there are certainly lots of other creative flavours that need sampling!


Cornwall produces a vast number of award winning cheeses and varieties, but the most well-known has to be Cornish Yarg, a delicious semi-hard cheese made from cow’s milk – it’s a great addition to any cheese board.


There is something extra special about Newlyn Crab. The brown crab meat is punchy and intense; whilst the white crab meat is sweet, soft and a real taste of the seaside.


Saffron Buns and Cake – These fruited tea cakes and loaves don’t just get the subtle hay-like taste from saffron, but also a have wonderful yellow colour.  Absolutely delicious toasted and spread with butter.


Glorious Clotted Cream, made from 100% Cornish milk, it’s thick, creamy and thoroughly dollopable! Rodda’s have been gently baking the finest milk since 1890 to create a delicious golden crust on their cream.

 Image by Rodda’s


Cornish Pilchards – caught off the shores of Cornwall by small boats, these fish are caught in prime condition, and in order to capture the traditional flavour, they are filleted and flash fried before being canned using techniques perfected since 1853.


Cornish Fairings biscuits are made with ginger and spice and ‘all things nice’, they are wonderfully crunchy and incredibly moorish!


Tarquin’s Cornish Gin is a fusion of the old and the new, the traditional and the progressive. From a bounty of botanicals, a concoction of roots, spices, nuts, seeds, fruits and flowers sourced from the far corners of the world as well as from a Cornish back garden, 12 extraordinary gins’ have emerged.

 Image by Tarquin’s Cornish Gin


Cornish Clotted Cream Fudge – crumbly, yet creamy, there’s always a reason to have a bag full, but with so many varieties to choose from, it’s tricky to know which to pick!


Kernow Chocolate – luxury artisan chocolates handmade in Cornwall by a team of expert chocolatiers in Wadebridge – yum, yum!!!

 Image by Kernow Chocolate


Camel Valley Brut – They’ve been producing award winning wines for almost 20 years on the warm Cornish hillsides. Their fresh and fruity fizz is perfect for all celebrations!

 Image by Camel Valley


And finally…our last cheeky Christmas treat is the Poldark Calendar 2020 featuring twenty one stunning images of Ross and Demelza – something for everyone!!

Happy shopping!

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